Altitude simulator

"Pressure range" chambers

Our entire range of vacuum chambers can be adapted to perform pressurisation tests.

These tests simulate complete conditions of ascent to altitude from 0 to 5000 m, as well as descent to altitude from 5000 m to 0.

The vacuum range corresponds to the characteristics of the chamber down to -950 mbar relative to sea level. The pressure range can reach +500 mbar relative to atmospheric pressure.

These chambers allow you to carry out altitude simulation tests, starting at low altitudes and working up to high altitudes or vice versa.

-950 mbar / +500 mbar relative 

These chambers are also available in a vertical version.

We adapt the chamber to the customer’s needs.

  • Greater height dimensions,
  • Larger width dimensions,
  • Specific acrylic thickness for non-standard applications,
  • Watertight drilling of faces or cover,
  • Reinforced closure system,