Appropriate packaging in the pharmaceutical industry is necessary to prevent the deterioration of medicines due to inadvertent exposure to oxygen, water and biological contamination that can seep into the product container.

Controlling the integrity of the package closure is essential to ensure the quality, efficacy and shelf life of pharmaceutical products by maintaining a sterile atmosphere within the package and verifying the barrier’s ability to prevent water, oxygen and contamination from entering the package.

Discover our CDV-Pharma range, specially adapted to your needs.

You need to test your products using the methylene blue test method in a small vacuum chamber. The CDV-Pharma is the ideal tool.

This vacuum chamber, with its specific operating system for the most demanding industries, will meet your needs for testing blister packs, vials and other drug wafers.

For certain types of packaging, tests can be carried out in accordance with ISO 8871-5 Annex D.

Your packaging needs to be tested quickly and under optimum conditions

Our CDV-Pharma is a compact, highly ergonomic vacuum chamber that allows you to test your flexible or rigid packaging in just a few minutes using reproducible, reliable test recipes.

Your laboratory assistants don't have the time to spend months training in the use of new equipment.

Our equipment is equipped with simple, intuitive programmes that enable you to get to grips with it quickly and efficiently.

We will provide you with all the documents and video material you need to understand how it works and the principles of testing.

Your laboratory is a place where order and safety reign, and you're going to love the innovative design of our device.

The design of the CDV-Pharma meets all your requirements. Small and compact, it will fit perfectly into your laboratory and can be placed on a bench or table.

Its small volume means you can easily fill and empty it to carry out your dye penetration tests in accordance with pharmacopoeia recommendations.


280 x 200 x 76 mm useful dimensions
Useful volume: 4L

Vacuum level : -950 mbar
Weight : 12 kg

PLC with specific test programs
Access management
Test data logging
Optional printer



450 x 300 x 76 mm useful dimensions
Useful volume: 10L

Vacuum level : -950 mbar
Weight : 30 kg

PLC with specific test programmes
Access management
Test data logging
Optional printer

Your business requires you to comply with the requirements of CFR 21 Part 11.

The programmable logic controller in our device is equipped with the latest version of our ORION OS operating system, enabling it to meet all your requirements:

  • Multi-level access control
  • Printing test results with thermal or matrix printers
  • Backup of your test data internally via an SD card or (soon) remotely in the cloud.

We can meet all your requirements by adapting the device to your test protocols, audit trails, internal security policy, etc.

Your business requires you to use high-performance equipment, for which safety is an essential element.

All our chambers are CE certified:

  • EU Directive 2014/35/EU,
  • EU Directive 2014/30/UE,
  • RoHS Directive  2011/65/UE  

This certification having been validated by an independent European laboratory.

They are also compatible with the American standard: USP Chapter〈1207.2〉 Package Integrity Leak Test Technologies – Probabilistic Leak Test Technologies : Bubble Emission and Tracer Liquid.

They also meet the requirements of the international standard DIN EN ISO 8871-5.

Are you looking for a solution for your blisters, blister packs, vials, ampoules and vials of injectable solutions?

We’re sure to have the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for larger housings to test larger products, take a look at our full range of vacuum chambers.