Flexible packaging, bags, pouches

Any doubts about the quality of your packaging?

Your production line is running at full speed and your heat sealers are being put through their paces. It’s not unusual for the settings or the quality of your welds to deteriorate over time.

Our solutions enable you to remove any doubts about the seals, but also about the quality of the packaging film supplied by your supplier.

We can test your packaging before or after filling.

You decide the best way to test your packaging. Depending on the number of seals, the sealing temperature and the sealing time, we can adapt the test protocol on our machines.

Whatever your sector of activity, we can test all types of flexible packaging.

In this use case, our teams present a test method for packaging containing very little air. This method is based on injecting pressure directly into the packaging.

This method follows the recommendations of the ASTM F2096 standard.

In this video we test a flexible feed package. This large package is tested in one of our chassis-mounted machines.

Our solutions adapt to the size and shape of your containers. If the 5 standard sizes don’t meet your needs, we also offer customised solutions.

In this video we use 2 different methods to test a packet of crisps.

The 1st method is a non-destructive method and the second method is the classic “bubble bath in water” method.

Depending on the commercial value of your product, it may be very cost-effective to switch to a “non-destructive” method.