Vacuum packaging, packaging with very little residual air

Vacuum-packed products, small containers with little residual air, thermoformed packaging that follows the shape of the product...

Even if your packaging doesn’t have enough air for a conventional vacuum test, we have the right solution for your packaging.

We have developed a special kit for injecting air directly into the packaging to perform an internal pressure test.

Innovation and ergonomy

In order to be able to prick the packaging under the best conditions, we have developed a kit equipped with a needle and we use specific patches that adhere perfectly to any surface.

These patches ensure a perfect seal between the needle and the packaging, allowing pressure to be injected directly into the packaging.

Once the packaging has been pierced, it is immersed in the chamber that has been filled with the test liquid (usually water). We then observe whether any bubbles appear on the packaging.

Test equipment that can be used to carry out tests in accordance with ASTM F2096 recommendations

With this device, you can carry out tests in accordance with the ASTM F2096 standard, which is described in the video opposite.

This test can be applied to a wide range of packaging: vacuum-packed meat, vacuum-packed fish, vacuum-packed cheese, vacuum-packed cold meats, chocolate bars, small savoury or sweet snacks, etc.