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Control Sensei was born out of an observation… The global packaging market is worth almost 1000 billion dollars… Over 75% of this packaging is used to pack products whose preservation is of prime importance… We’re here to ensure that this is preserved.

A number of factors can affect the airtightness of packaging… Poor sealing conditions, poor transport conditions and differences in altitude during land or air transport can also have an impact and damage your packaging.

Our team will advise you and guide you towards the most appropriate choices for checking this tightness. Depending on your needs, we can offer you several types of test: vacuum tests, bubble tests, dye penetration tests, pressure difference tests, etc.

If you need a solution with a vacuum level close to absolute zero, we adapt our vacuum chambers accordingly.

You need to test your packaging very quickly and test times are an essential criterion for you… We adapt our pre-recorded cycles.

If you have a specific need for particular tests, we can also make customised chambers with specific functions on request…

[ Specific, tailor-made solutions ]

Solutions for every type of product,
all applications and all sectors...

Checking for leaks

Flexible packaging

Sachets, pouches, spouted pouches, shaped pouches, stand-up pouches, bags, doypacks, flexible packs… We adapt our solutions to your needs.

This test can meet the requirements of ASTM D3078, ASTM F2096…

Whether you’re looking for dry or wet testing, our housings are versatile and you can carry out all these tests with the same machine…

Checking for leaks

Rigid packaging

Bottles, flasks, sprays or rigid jars… we have the right solution for your packaging. Whether the content is liquid or solid, we adapt our solution to your needs.

Tests to ASTM D5094 and/or ASTM D4991…

Our multi-purpose vacuum chambers allow you to carry out different tests in the same unit.

Checking for leaks

Vacuum-packed packaging

Foodstuffs often need to be preserved in a vacuum so that they do not deteriorate before being eaten. This preservation is essential and depends on the quality of the vacuum packaging and the tightness of the envelope around the product.

We have developed a specific solution for this type of packaging, which cannot undergo conventional vacuum testing. Our “needle kit” allows you to inject pressure directly into the packaging…

This test can meet the requirements of ASTM F2096-11…

Checking for leaks

Altitude and transport simulation

Are your products being transported by plane or lorry over long distances? Would you like to simulate these transport conditions and check that your product will not be damaged during these phases? Our empty boxes make it quick and easy to simulate these conditions.

This test can meet the requirements of ASTM D6653.

Specific solutions

Blisters and pharmaceutical products

Medication blisters are difficult devices to test. A simple dye penetration test method can be used to test their tightness. This method can also be applied to very small syringes or vials.

Several test methods can be used, such as ISO 8871-5 Annex D or ISO 11040-4. These containers can also be tested in accordance with the USP Chapter (1207.2).

[ Non-destructive solutions ]

Solutions to avoid destroying your samples...

You save money and help the environment

Eco-friendly solutions

Non-destructive tests

Environmental issues are forcing us to be careful about waste and encouraging us to recycle our waste. Testing is no exception to this trend, and companies now aspire to avoid wasting samples and products.

That’s why our partners have developed cutting-edge technologies to ensure that samples are not destroyed during testing. These non-destructive technologies are the future of testing. They ensure that the products being tested are not altered. They also allow them to be put back into the sales circuit like all the products that come off the production line.

In accordance with DIN EN 1779 and closely resembling ASTM F2338-09.

Inficon Contura S400

Consulting for professionals

A qualification for a new packaging, a doubt about a new sealing machine.
Our experience enables us to tackle your problem and find a solution much more efficiently.


Laboratory tests

We test your samples and analyse the causes of leaks. We can also validate a sealing process and check the properties of new packaging.
Each test is documented with a report and videos.


Sale of solutions

We tailor our offer to your needs and your budget. Destructive or non-destructive testing. Specific requirements to comply with the recommendations of a norm or standard.
We'll find the right solution for you.


Technical and training centre

We surround ourselves with the best partners in order to offer you even more services. Our company specialises in research, innovation and training, so that we can provide you with the best possible support.

Why Control Sensei?

A corporate philosophy and strong values

We cultivate values of respect and commitment to our customers.

Through a partnership with the Ecosystem eco-organisation, we are helping to finance the recycling of our appliances.

We are affiliated to Ecosystem under number FR040806_05BDG6

Through Abeilles et Environnement, our company is helping to sponsor a beehive maintained by organic beekeepers in the West Lyon area.

Through this small gesture, we are taking part in an action in favour of nature and the environment and helping to preserve the 1st link in the food chain.


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