The cosmetics industry in France and Europe occupies a significant place on the world stage. France, in particular, is renowned for its pioneering role in the sector, with a long tradition of manufacturing top-of-the-range beauty products and exquisite perfumes. From luxury houses to more accessible brands, France is home to a diverse range of players in the cosmetics industry.

Europe as a whole also plays a key role in this sector, home to major cosmetics companies in Germany, Italy, Spain and elsewhere. Strict EU regulations on safety and ingredients have led to high standards of quality and safety for cosmetic products marketed in the region.

The European cosmetics industry is focused on innovation, research and the development of advanced products to meet the changing needs of consumers. Increasing emphasis is being placed on natural ingredients, sustainable formulations and technological advances.

These high quality standards are also reflected in the quality of our packaging. This packaging must not only meet the growing demands of our customers, but also comply with strict regulations.

For example, cosmetic packaging must be perfectly sealed to preserve the properties of the packaged products, but also to ensure optimum use.

Control Sensei offers a range of products for checking the tightness of all cosmetic products: jars, bottles, sachets, tubes, etc.

Each product can undergo different tests depending on the issues and constraints it faces.