Tests on filled rigid packaging - ASTM D5094

ASTM D5094 is a standard developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that describes a test method for determining the integrity of a container closure using a vacuum chamber. This method is used to evaluate the tightness of caps, lids or other types of closures on containers such as bottles, flasks, jars, etc…

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How the method works

The ASTM D5094 test describes 2 test methods:

  • Method A
  • Method B
Description of method A

In this test method you will not need a vacuum chamber. The bottles/flasks or rigid packaging are laid on their side on an absorbent support, so that the liquid product is in contact with the cap.
We then wait 24 hours to see if any liquid has leaked onto the absorbent support.
If liquid has leaked onto the support, there is a leak.

This method is not suitable for large-scale production, as you run the risk of having problems with your 24-hour production schedule if a leak is detected…

Description of method B

In this method we will use vacuum to speed up the test principle. The principle is the same: the samples lie on their side in a vacuum chamber and an absorbent medium is placed underneath.

The packaging is subjected to a vacuum and the residual volume of air contained in the packaging presses against the liquid, which in turn presses against the sealing element… so if there is a leak, the liquid flows onto the absorbent media.


The vacuum level is -340 mbar (-10 inHg) and must be maintained for at least 10 minutes.

Once the test is complete, simply check the absorbent media to see if any liquid has leaked out. If the media is intact, there is no leak.

ASTM D5094 - Method A
ASTM D5094 - Method B

ASTM D5094 tests apply to the following products:

  • 🏭 Industrial liquids
  • ☠️ Hazardous and non-hazardous liquids
  • 🫙 Rigid containers
  • 🍾 Beverages (non-carbonated)
  • 🧴Perfume bottle / Fragrance
  • 💅 Liquid cosmetics in bottles or flasks
  • 💊 Pharmaceuticals
  • 🧪 Chemical products packed in rigid containers
  • 🛁 Personal care, health & hygiene
  • 🪣 Domestic cleaning

Our solution is tailored to your needs

Our vacuum chambers are hermetically sealed, so you can maintain a vacuum for as long as you like and carry out ASTM D5094 tests.

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Other test methods