Control Sensei recently formed a partnership with ESEPAC, a packaging engineering school specialising in training packaging engineers.

This partnership enables us to offer training courses for companies in areas related to packaging, quality and vacuum technologies.

We can organise training sessions on our own premises or those of ESEPAC.

We can also travel directly to our customers’ industrial sites to educate them about leak detection and air transport of packaging…

Here are just a few examples of the subjects we can cover

  • What is vacuum and why is it used in leak detection?
  • What are the different test protocols that can be carried out on packaging?
  • How can air transport conditions be simulated?
  • How do you simulate high-altitude ground transport conditions?
  • What is the difference between destructive and non-destructive testing?

These are just some of the subjects that our teams have mastered. Our training courses are tailored to the audience taking part, depending on their knowledge of the various subjects. These courses can also be combined with other courses offered by ESEPAC.

Our training catalogue is regularly expanded.

Interested in a training course?